Chapter Director spotlight - Brandon Wells - Corona Norco

Chapter Director Spotlight - Brandon Wells

Introducing Brandon:

Brandon Wells has served NJB as a chapter director since 2018. Brandon was introduced to NJB in 2013 when both of his sons started playing basketball in the rookie program. Today, both of his boys made the all-star team and won the 7th-8th grade 3 point competition. Corona Norco is in very good hands as leadership believes in building character as well as playing basketball. Brandon and his team believes that through fundamentals and hard work, success will follow. NJB is very fortunate to have a committed and enthusiastic director spreading our mission.

NJB wants to honor Brandon Wells as a Most Valuable Director during the 2019 season. Brandon has shown great leadership and dedication towards the Corona Norco chapter and members. The league has flourished during the past season with tremendous growth in all divisions with Brandon in charge. You can find Brandon at all the games during the winter and summer season working with all the coaches and players on the court. We appreciate all the energy and commitment Brandon demonstrates for our NJB league.

Thank you Brandon!!

How You Can Find Corona Norco:

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