FAQs for Fall League

  1. Are there any extra costs?

    Coaches must complete a yearly background check at a cost of $25 which is valid for one year.  There are no extra costs during league games. Parking is free, spectator entry is free, and there are no score-keeping fees during league games.  During tournaments, there are spectator entry fees, scorekeeper fees, and possibly parking fees depending on the venue.

  2. When and how often will my child’s team practice? 

    Practice times and locations are determined by the coach on an individual team basis.

  3. How many games will my player have each weekend? 

    Typically teams can expect 1-2 games per weekend.  Double headers and bye weeks do occur. A double header one weekend can result in a bye a subsequent weekend.

  4. Will the season require me to travel to another city?

    Yes, off-season leagues will incorporate inter-league play with chapter from other participating cities.

  5. When will the schedule be published?

    The first half of the schedule will be released the Wednesday prior to opening weekend.

  6. Can my coach make a schedule request?

    Coaches can make schedule requests once their teams are formed through player evaluations.  We will try to accommodate requests, but we cannot guarantee they will be upheld.